Merino Wool Underwear Factory in Vietnam

Hi my name is Chris. I prepare you to work with base layer manufacturers in Vietnam. My first experience with base layers was promoting Thai Son S.P sewing factory who bought fifty flat lock machines and spent a whole year training their staff and adjusting their machines to get it right. They made for brands like Voelkl and North Face. Since then I have met many other factories in Vietnam that have flat lock machines and experience producing base layer apparel. I can introduce you to them and help you every step of the way including quotation, sampling and production. I work with a team of merchandisers and sourcing assistants. If you need more than just a referral we can offer other support services.

What is Merino wool?

Merino sheep developed in Spain and first introduced into Australia in 1797. With 71 million sheep, Australia has been one of the biggest suppliers for Merino wool all over the world.

Merino sheep are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. Merino wool has a much smoother final finish than a standard sheep's wool, and the fibers are non-abrasive. People who have sensitive skin also can wear Merino wool clothes.

Merino wool is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when we wear it against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture away from the skin, a phenomenon known as wicking, which results in helping the wearer stay comfortable whether it is warm or cold weather. The fabric is slightly moisture repellent (keratin fibers are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other), allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness. Merino wool absorbs water and retains warmth even when it is wet. It contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties, resulting in reduced human body odor. Moreover natural elasticity helps Merino wool garments to stretch and return to their original shape. So it is perfect to wear when you do exercise. However, Merino wool garments usually don’t dry off quicker than synthetic fabrics and their price is also more expensive.
Merino Wool Garment Factory in Vietnam

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Hi, my name is Chris. I created this website to promote Thai Son and other factories in Vietnam. Imagine that you have an idea to produce surf shorts, wooden toys, metal car parts or frisbee backpacks. Would it be great to get inside the factory that can make it for you? Would you like to see the production steps? We can get you inside Vietnamese factories for a tour. Watch our introduction video, contact us and we can introduce you to factories like Thai Son.

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Hi, I built this webpage to promote Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory based in Ho Chi Minh City. They are a merino wool underwear factory in Vietnam. I can introduce you to them and many other factories.

My name is Chris, I have been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups and sourcing factories. If you have any questions about Vietnam garment manufacturing then contact me here.
Merino Wool Underwear Factory in Vietnam

Where is Merino Wool Produced?

There are around 1,000 different breeds of sheep yet only a few are ideal for wool production. It's the fine wool sheep that are needed for yarn production. Where do most of them live? Australia. Why is that good for Vietnam? It's close.

Fine-wool sheep grow wool fibers with the smallest fiber diameter (usually less than 22 microns). Their fleeces tend to be the shortest in length and contain the most lanolin (wool wax or grease). Fine wool fleeces usually yield a lower percentage of clean fiber than longer, coarser fleeces. However, fine wool is the most valuable wool in the commercial market place because it is used to make the highest quality wool garments and has the most versatility of use. Fine-wool is less likely to itch when it is used in garments that are close to the skin. Merino Wool Underwear!

Here is a great website to learn more about Merino wool and sheep in general.
Vietnam gets Merino Yarn from Australia