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Hi, I built this webpage to promote Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory based in Ho Chi Minh City. Are you looking for textile in Vietnam? Have you visited the local markets?

I can introduce you to Thai Son and many textile markets. Below is a list of textiles in Vietnam that companies like Thai Son make and can be purchased in the local market.

My name is Chris, I have been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups and sourcing factories. If you have any questions about Vietnam garment manufacturing then contact me here. What textile in Vietnam are you looking for?
Textile in Vietnam
Thai Son S.P is a reliable textile in Vietnam supplier. We buy cotton, polyester, viscose, modal and spandex yarn from suppliers all over Asia. We import the yarn and drop ship it to our partner knitting factories. We can make jersey, pique, jacquard, rib, waffle, interlock, french terry or Ponte Roma. We can make slub, space-dye, tie-dye, hot TR, burn-out, melange and more. We send the fabric to our partner dye houses and manage the dyeing to meet your requirements like Pantone color, weight and finish. If you need special finishes like acid wash, silicone wash, wicking or anti-microbial, then we can do it. We check the fabric using the 4-point checking system and take full responsibility. Contact Sim to get her latest swatches of textiles developed in Vietnam.
Thai Son S.P sewing factory

Read -> Learn -> Then contact the factory.

I wrote these books during my first few years (@ 2008) working in the Vietnam garment industry. I write about basic knowledge and insider tips that I learned - to share with you.

If you are just starting out and need a jump start then I recommend you read my books before contacting factories.

For example, it is critical to know basic things like what is the difference between woven and knit fabric; what is different about viscose, rayon, tencel, modal and hemp; and what is the Acceptable Quality Level system?

Is $19.37 too much? See Amazon reviews here.


Textile in Vietnam You Can Buy

Circular Knit Fabric DescriptionsWeight (gsm)Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory Code
!French Terry 3304A Polyester/Cotton/Mouse~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 325
!Hot Space 0112L MVS 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 268
!Single Jersey 100%Cotton Organic Melange~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 305
!Single Jersey 63%Bamboo 27%Organic Cotton 10%Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 349
!Single Jersey 70%Bamboo 30%Organic Cotton~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 348
!Single Jersey 92%Polyester 3%Mouse 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 301
!Single Jersey Crinkled Stripes Rayon/Polyester/Spandex~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 329
!Single Jersey JQD Stripes 70%Cotton Slub 25%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 175 gsmTS-PTV 347
!Waffle 100%Cotton Organic~ 310 gsmTS-PTV 344
!Waffle Rib Brushed 62%Polyester 35%Rayon 3%Spandex~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 294
Double Face 67%Rayon 28%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 295 gsmTS-PTV 278
Flace IB 90%Polyester 10%Rayon~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 338
French Terry (3 threads) Cotton/Polyester~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 204
French Terry (3 threads) Cotton/Polyester~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 205
French Terry (3 threads) Slub Cotton/Polyester~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 202
French Terry 3301 Polyester/Rayon/Cotton~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 326
French Terry 3301HP Cotton/Polyester/Rayon~ 305 gsmTS-PTV 321
French Terry 3301HP Polyester/Cotton~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 316
French Terry 3302 Polyester/Cotton/Rayon~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 318
French Terry 3302 Polyester/Cotton/Rayon~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 319
French Terry 3302 Polyester/Rayon/Cotton~ 235 gsmTS-PTV 327
French Terry 3302HP Cotton/Rayon/Polyester~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 320
French Terry 3302HP Polyester/Cotton~ 195 gsmTS-PTV 317
French Terry 3304 Polyester/Cotton/Mouse~ 215 gsmTS-PTV 323
French Terry 3305HP Cotton/Rayon/Polyester~ 320 gsmTS-PTV 322
French Terry 3305HP Rayon/Polyester/Cotton~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 315
French Terry 54%Polyester 40%Cotton 6%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 143
French Terry 54%Polyester 40%Cotton 6%Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 143A
French Terry 60%Polyester 40%Cotton ~ 300 gsmTS-PTV 183
French Terry 65%Polyester 35%Cotton~ 300 gsmTS-PTV 86
French Terry 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 215
French Terry big Stripes 95%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 265 gsmTS-PTV 293
French Terry IB 100%Cotton Melange BC07~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 335
French Terry IB Polyester/Rayon~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 314
French Terry IB Stripes 55%Cotton 45%Polyester~ 300 gsmTS-PTV 333
French Terry Inside Brushed 65%Polyester 35%Cotton ~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 147
French Terry Pattern 307796 58%Cotton 37%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 312
French Terry SI15 Cotton/Polyester~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 324
French Terry Siro Stripes 55%Polyester 45%Cotton~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 307
French Terry Siro TC 62%Polyester 33%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 273
French Terry Slub 100%Cotton~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 285
French Terry Slub 50%Rayon 45%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 185 gsmTS-PTV 298
French Terry Slub 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 214
French Terry Slub 70%Cotton 30%Polyester~ 235 gsmTS-PTV 286
French Terry Stripes 50%Cotton 50%Polyester ~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 92A
French Terry Stripes 80%Cotton 20%Polyester ~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 92
French Terry Stripes 65%Rayon 20%Polyester 15%Cotton~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 309
French Terry Stripes 95%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 265 gsmTS-PTV 292
French Terry Stripes 95%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 255 gsmTS-PTV 308
French Terry Stripes Melange 95%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 288
French Terry Stripes Siro 55%Cotton 40%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 225 gsmTS-PTV 336
HACCI Slub 50%Rayon 50%Polyester~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 302
Heavy Hot Slub 56%Cotton 39%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 300 gsmTS-PTV 181
Heavy Hot TR 70%Polyester 25%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 199
Heavy Knitted Jean 53%Cotton 40%Polyester 7%Spandex~ 420 gsmTS-PTV 193
Heavy Pique 65%Polyester 35%Cotton~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 82
Hot Rayon 95%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 257
Hot Siro 48%Cotton 47%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 334
Hot Slub 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 185 gsmTS-PTV 238
Hot TR 60%Polyester 35%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 79
Hot TR 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 98
Hot TR big Stripes 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 196
Hot TR Melange Stripes 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 102
Hot TR Slub 48%Rayon 47%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 256
Hot TR Stripes 50%Polyester 45%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 79A
Interlock 100% PIMA Cotton CM40s~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 274
Interlock 100%Cotton~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 66
Interlock 100%Polyester with printing~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 228
Interlock 2Faces Stripes Polyester/Cotton~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 330
Interlock 95%Rayon 5%Spandex ~ 355 gsmTS-PTV 264
Interlock Melange H150AB 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 255 gsmTS-PTV 258
Interlock Stripes (Double Face) 80%Polyester 20%Cotton~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 175
Jacquard 02 80%Polyester 15%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 280 gsmTS-PTV 340
Jacquard 47%Cotton 46%Polyester 7%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 242
Jacquard Diamond 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 290 gsmTS-PTV 201
Jacquard JQD 1003 85%Polyester 13%Rayon 2%Spandex~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 287
Jacquard Oval Polyester/Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 212
Jacquard Rose 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 290 gsmTS-PTV 200
Jacquard W 60%Polyester 35%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 320 gsmTS-PTV 162
Jacquard Wave Polyester/Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 211
Knitted Denim 73%Viscose 22%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 96
Knitted Denim Stripes 100%Cotton~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 167
Knitted Jean 53%Cotton 40%Polyester 7%Spandex~ 340 gsmTS-PTV 186
Pique 100%Cotton~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 50
Pique 100%Polyester~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 241
Pique 100%Polyester~ 225 gsmTS-PTV 272
Pique big Stripes 100%Cotton ~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 152
Pique Checkered Jacquard 62%Polyester 33%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 184
Pique Jacquard 83%Cotton 14%Polyester 3%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 146
Pique Jacquard 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 223
Pique Slub 50%Cotton 50%Polyester Slub~ 145 gsmTS-PTV 303
Polyester Cycling Jersey 100%Polyester~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 156
Polyester Drytech 100%Polyester~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 157
Polyester Super Dry 100%Polyester~ 145 gsmTS-PTV 155
Ponte Roma 60%Rayon 35%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 187
Ponte Roma 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 290 gsmTS-PTV 262
Ponte Roma Rayon/Nylon/Spandex~ 390 gsmTS-PTV 134
Ponte Roma Slub 60%Cotton 35%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 255 gsmTS-PTV 311
Ponte Roma Stripes 94%Polyester 1%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 390 gsmTS-PTV 290
Ponte Roma Stripes CVC Cotton/Polyester/Spandex~ 280 gsmTS-PTV 110B
Ponte Roma Stripes Rayon/Polyester/Spandex~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 331
Ponte Roma Stripes Viscose/Polyester/Spandex~ 280 gsmTS-PTV 110A
Rib 1x1 60%Cotton 40%Modal~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 261
Rib 1x1 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 243
Rib 1x1 CVC 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 56
Rib 1x1 Stripes 50%Cotton 50%Polyester~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 29A
Rib 2x1 Siro TC 47%Polyester 48%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 269
Rib 2x1 Stripes 50%Cotton 50%Polyester~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 138
Rib 2x2 48%Rayon 47%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 340 gsmTS-PTV 259
Rib 5x2 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 252
Rib 5x3 Stripes Rayon/Polyester/Spandex~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 332
Rib 6x3 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 310 gsmTS-PTV 101
Rib 6x4 (Melange 2275) 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 255A
Rib 6x4 48%Rayon 47%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 260 gsmTS-PTV 254
Single Jeresey 100%Cotton~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 54
Single Jeresey 100%Cotton Peach~ 185 gsmTS-PTV 80
Single Jeresey 100%Cotton Slub~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 12A
Single Jeresey 50%Cotton 50%Viscose~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 07
Single Jeresey 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV01
Single Jeresey 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 03
Single Jeresey 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 77
Single Jeresey 95%Cotton 5%Spandex (Inside Brushed)~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 38A
Single Jeresey 95%Viscose 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 37
Single Jeresey 95%Viscose MVS 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 84A
Single Jeresey 95%Viscose OE 5%Spandex~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 83A
Single Jersey 85%Polyester 15%Linen~ 120 gsmTS-PTV 275
Single Jersey 90%Polyester 10%Spandex~ 165 gsmTS-PTV 267
Single Jersey 94%Viscose 40s 6%Spandex~ 195 gsmTS-PTV 271
Single Jersey 95% PIMA Cotton 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 270
Single Jersey 95%BamBoo 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 276
Single Jersey 95%Rayon 5%Spandex Black~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 310
Single Jersey SPG 2003 50%Cotton 50%Polyester ~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 277
Single Jersey (Heather Grey) 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 180-200 gsmTS-PTV 180
Single Jersey (Reactive Printing) 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 169
Single Jersey (Reactive Printing) 95%Viscose 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 168
Single Jersey (Silicon washing) 100%Cotton ~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 233
Single Jersey 100%Cotton 40/2~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 229
Single Jersey 100%Cotton Organic~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 296
Single Jersey 100%Cotton Organic~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 304
Single Jersey 100%Cotton Slub CM20s~ 135 gsmTS-PTV 263
Single Jersey 100%Cotton Slub CM26s~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 263A
Single Jersey 100%Polyester ~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 85
Single Jersey 100%Polyester (with Antistatic Treatment & Quick Drying)~ 85 gsmTS-PTV 237
Single Jersey 53%Cotton 40%Polyester 2%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 289
Single Jersey 57%Cotton 38%Modal 5%Spandex~ 180-190 gsmTS-PTV 260
Single Jersey 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 197
Single Jersey 60%Cotton 40%Polyester (EL)~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 291
Single Jersey 62%Polyester 33%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 74
Single Jersey 65%Polyester 35%Cotton~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 105
Single Jersey 65%Polyester 35%Cotton~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 109
Single Jersey 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 209
Single Jersey 80%Cotton 20%Spandex~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 235
Single Jersey 80%Viscose 20%Spandex~ 270 gsmTS-PTV 236
Single Jersey 85%Polyester 10%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 282
Single Jersey 90%Polyester 10%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 154
Single Jersey 92%Cotton 8%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 343
Single Jersey 92%Cotton 8%Spandex (With Hair-Removed)~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 218
Single Jersey 92%Cotton 8%Spandex (With Hair-Removed)~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 220
Single Jersey 92%Rayon MVS 8%Spandex ~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 240
Single Jersey 95%Cotton 40s 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 164
Single Jersey 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 178
Single Jersey 95%Cotton Organic 5%Spandex~ 220 gsmTS-PTV 297
Single Jersey 95%Micro Modal 5%Spandex Black~ 165 gsmTS-PTV 306
Single Jersey 95%Modal 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 149
Single Jersey 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 122
Single Jersey 95%Polyester 5%Spandex (Melange)~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 104
Single Jersey 95%Polyester 5%Spandex (Neon color)~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 121A
Single Jersey 95%Rayon 5%Linen~ 145 gsmTS-PTV 171
Single Jersey 95%Viscose 5%Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 339
Single Jersey 95%Viscose MVS 5%Spandex~ 185 gsmTS-PTV 250
Single Jersey ABT-1003 85%Cotton 10%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 185 gsmTS-PTV 300
Single Jersey ABT-1037 53%Cotton 42%Polyester Siro Slub 5%Spandex~ 195 gsmTS-PTV 299
Single Jersey big Stripes 100%Cotton Slub~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 191
Single Jersey Burn-out 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 110 gsmTS-PTV 230
Single Jersey Burn-out Stripes 70%Polyester 30%Cotton ~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 248
Single Jersey Burn-out Stripes 70%Polyester 30%Cotton ~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 249
Single Jersey Burn-out 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 110 gsmTS-PTV 244
Single Jersey Burn-out 65%Polyester 35%Cotton~ 120 gsmTS-PTV 129
Single Jersey Burn-out 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 130 gsmTS-PTV 246
Single Jersey Compact 92%Cotton 8%Spandex~ 230 gsmTS-PTV 341
Single Jersey COMSOL 60%Cotton 40%Polyester 40s/2~ 250 gsmTS-PTV 281
Single Jersey CVC F-Effect 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 247
Single Jersey INJ 60 48%Rayon 42%Cotton 5%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 280
Single Jersey Jacquard 62%Polyester 33%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 165
Single Jersey Jacquard 65%Polester 35%Cotton~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 185
Single Jersey Jacquard 95%Viscose OE 5%Spandex~ 245 gsmTS-PTV 313
Single Jersey Jaspe 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 207
Single Jersey JQD Melange Stripes 60%Polyester 35%Cotton Slub 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 345
Single Jersey JQD Stripes 60%Polyester 35%Cotton Slub 5%Spandex~ 195 gsmTS-PTV 346
Single Jersey Melange 2275 95%Viscose 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 182
Single Jersey Silver Sparkling 98%Cotton 2%Polyester ~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 210
Single Jersey Siro TC 48%Polyester 47%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 265
Single Jersey Slide Viscose/Polyester/Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 100
Single Jersey Slub 50%Rayon 50%Polyester ~ 140 gsmTS-PTV 179A
Single Jersey Slub 60%Cotton 40%Polyester ~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 179
Single Jersey Slub 65%Polyester 35%Rayon~ 130 gsmTS-PTV 239
Single Jersey Slub 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 234
Single Jersey Slub Jaspe 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 208
Single Jersey Slub Stripes 60%Cotton 40%Polyester~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 217
Single Jersey Slub Stripes Rayon/Polyester/Spandex~ 210 gsmTS-PTV 328
Single Jersey Space0010L Brushed 95%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 158
Single Jersey Space0074N Brushed 62%Cotton 33%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 159
Single Jersey Special Melange 58%Cotton 37%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 251
Single Jersey SPG 2034 90%Polyester 5%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 284
Single Jersey SPG 2034 90%Polyester 5%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 190 gsmTS-PTV 284A
Single Jersey SPG 8556 90%Rayon 5%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 165 gsmTS-PTV 279
Single Jersey SR 8566 90%Rayon 5%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 283
Single Jersey Stripes 100%Viscose OE~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 198
Single Jersey Stripes 48%Polyester 47%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 188
Single Jersey Stripes 50%Cotton 50%Polyester ~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 89
Single Jersey Stripes 50%Viscose Melange 45%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 128
Single Jersey Stripes 60%Cotton 35%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 108
Single Jersey Stripes 60%Polyester 25%Rayon 15%Linen~ 150 gsmTS-PTV 189
Single Jersey Stripes 60%Polyester 25%Rayon 15%Linen~ 130 gsmTS-PTV 192
Single Jersey Stripes 62%Polyester 33%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 177
Single Jersey Stripes 80%Cotton 20%Polyester ~ 155 gsmTS-PTV 88
Single Jersey Stripes 80%Viscose 15%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 99A
Single Jersey Stripes 95%Cotton 5%Polyester ~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 93
Single Jersey Stripes 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 161
Single Jersey Stripes 95%Viscose 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 103
Single Jersey TH 95%Viscose OE 5%Spandex~ 235 gsmTS-PTV 337
Single JerseyJacquard 85%Rayon 10%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 170 gsmTS-PTV 342
Thick Ponte Roma (Heather Grey) 80%Polyester 16%Rayon 4%Spandex~ 365 gsmTS-PTV 160A
Thick Ponte Roma 80%Polyester 16%Rayon 4%Spandex~ 365 gsmTS-PTV 160
Waffle 100%Cotton~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 231
Waffle 70%Cotton 25%Rayon 5%Spandex~ 240 gsmTS-PTV 253
Waffle 95%Cotton 5%Spandex~ 200 gsmTS-PTV 94
Waffle CVC 60%Cotton 35%Polyester 5%Spandex~ 180 gsmTS-PTV 94A
Waffle Stripes 50%Cotton 25%Polyester 25%Rayon~ 160 gsmTS-PTV 232

What kind of textile in Vietnam do you need?

Do you need stripes? We can produce engineered stripes with a repeat of 1.6 meters. We can also offer AOP stripes. AOP stands for all over print.

China still offers great quality and competitive pricing compared to locally made circular knit textiles. Most factories in Vietnam buy their fabric from China. We also have good sources of textile fabric in China. We often buy polyester and fleece fabric from China because the quality is good and the prices are cheaper than making it in Vietnam. We manage the shipping and always inspect the fabric before cutting.

The fabric dye-houses we work with are Oeko-Tex certified and if you need Organic GOTs certified fabric we have supply chains established to support your needs. Generally our fabric lead time is 2 to 4 weeks and we always send you lab dibs for approval ASAP.

We can print on the fabric using any quality of ink you are willing to pay for. Our screen printing partners can do piece printing and all over printing. Send us your art work in high resolution files and we will suggest the best printing technique to meet your requirements. We can offer water based ink, plastisol ink and discharge printing.

Please note the distinction between circular knit and flat knit. Flat knit is also referred to fully fashion knit or sweater fabric. We don't work with flat knit fabric. We also don't produce garments made with woven fabric.

Please contact us to inquire about fabrics for your designs. Also see our list of fabrics below to see if we already have it in stock.

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We need to know your:

  • Knitting structure
  • Weight
  • Pantone Color
  • Finish

Thai Son uses the 4-point fabric checking method

The majority of fabric produced in the world has a fixed width of 1.8 meters. Therefore, when someone says I want to buy 400 meters of fabric, the width is assumed to be 1.8 meters. If the width is something other than 1.8 meters then this width must be clearly noted.

When it’s time to inspect fabric, you need to decide how many meters will be inspected. If the total fabric length (total lot) is less than 2,500 meters then you should inspect 20%. If it is more, then inspect 10%. Randomly choose rolls from the lot.

The goal of inspection is to find major defects. Each major defect will be assigned 1, 2, 3 or 4 points depending on the size and significance of the defect.

Provide a list of major fabric defects for the factory to use during inspection. Or ask the factory to provide their list and approve it.

Their are minor defects which need to be clearly defined by both parties. No penalty points are recorded or assigned for minor defects using the 4 point fabric inspection method.

Minor defects are defects that a customer will accept. Examples are physical debris that can be brushed off the fabric or a stain or tear within one centimeter of the fabrics’ edge. The edges are cut away and not used for making the finished garment.

Major woven fabric defects are:
  • slubs
  • holes
  • missing yarn
  • conspicuous yarn variation
  • end out
  • soiled yarn
  • wrong yarn
Major knitted fabric defects are:
  • mixed yarn
  • yarn variation
  • runner
  • needle line
  • barre
  • slub
  • hole
  • press off
Major dye or printing defects are:
  • out of register
  • dye spots
  • machine stop
  • color out
  • color smear
  • shading

Some 4 point system rules:

  • No more than four penalty points can be assigned for any single defect.
  • No linear meter can contain more than four points of defects.
  • Defects must be documented by type and point count on the inspection report.

  • All defects must be marked with a sticker at the location of defect and with a marker at the fabric edge.
  • Fabric width must be measured and recorded three times. Once at the beginning, once in the middle and once at the end of the roll.
  • The actual roll length must be measured and recorded.
  • The length of each roll must be compared to the length mentioned on the supplier list. All discrepancies must be documented and reported to the fabric supplier for additional replacement to avoid shortage.
  • Fabric inspection is done in a suitable and safe environment with enough ventilation and proper lighting.
  • Fabric must be between 45-60 degree angles to the inspector.
  • Two cool white light F96 fluorescent bulbs should be installed one meter above the fabric. Back light can be used.
  • Fabric speed on the inspection machine must not be more than 15 meters per minute.
  • The approved standard of bulk dye lots must be available before starting inspection for assessing color, construction, finish and visual appearance.
  • Shade continuity within a roll must be checked between the center and outer edge, and at the beginning, middle and end of each roll. Any shade variations must be evaluated and documented.
  • Fabric must be evaluated for weight using a circular scissor and a calibrated scale.
  • If yarn dyed or printed fabrics are being inspected the repeat measurement must be done from the beginning, middle and end of selected rolls.

Point calculation and point limit for rolls and lot

In the 4 point system, the quality of fabric is evaluated by the number of major defect points per 100 m2 in the roll. The number of acceptable major defect points per 100 m2 ranges from 24 to 48 depending on the fabric type. For example, polyester fabric is acceptable if the number is 24 defect points per 100 m2 or less. The number is 48 for linen. Check with the factory what number they consider acceptable or tell them the number you will accept. Here is the formula for calculating the number of defect points in a roll:

Variables you need to measure and use in the formula are:
  • Total major defect points
  • Length of fabric in meters
  • Cuttable fabric width in millimeters

Once all the rolls are checked then you must calculate if the whole shipment is acceptable or not. Here is the formula for calculating the defect points for all the fabric. Keep in mind that most fabric comes in rolls that contain around 200 meters.

Variables you need to collect and use in the formula are:
  • Total average defect points per linear meter
  • Total meters inspected
  • Cuttable fabric width in millimeters

The number of acceptable major defect points per 100 m2 for the lot will range from 18 to 38 depending on the fabric type. Check with the factory what number they consider acceptable or tell them the number you will accept.

Color and shade inspection
Fabric must be checked for shading issues. Cut a swatch from every roll and tape them to a piece of cardboard perfectly aligned next to each other. In a light box, compare each piece to the others. Ensure the light box is placed in a dark place and shielded from ambient light. If there are any clear shading differences that are detectable with the naked eye then the roll is rejected.
Fabric Factories in Vietnam

Buying Textile in Vietnam

Hi my name is Chris. I prepare you to work with base layer manufacturers in Vietnam. My first experience with base layers was promoting Thai Son S.P sewing factory who bought fifty flat lock machines and spent a whole year training their staff and adjusting their machines to get it right. They made for brands like Voelkl and North Face. Since then I have met many other factories in Vietnam that have flat lock machines and experience producing base layer apparel. I can introduce you to them and help you every step of the way including quotation, sampling and production. I work with a team of merchandisers and sourcing assistants. If you need more than just a referral we can offer other support services:
• Consulting
• Factory introductions
• Factory visits
• Costing (getting a price quote)
• Design and merchandising
• Quality control
• Factory audits/assessment
• Hosting (renting a desk in our office)
• Staff recruiting
• eBooks
Video Introduction
Podcast Introduction
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Vietnam is not strong in producing Synthetic textile in Vietnam.

Generally speaking, Polyester fiber manufacturer in saigon is not easy to find and expensive compared to sources in China. There are good spinners making dty and ringspun polyester like www.theky.vn but their capacity is low and price high.

Thai Son S.P. Garment company is a sewing company that produces it's own fabric. They are a fabric manufacturer with Oeko Tex Certificate in Viet Nam.

They are a clothes manufacturer with the latest manufacturing technology for men's, women’s and children's knitwear. Thai Son also produces cotton based fabrics knitted in single jersey, pique or French Terry structures. The fabrics and prints can be Oeko Tex Certified. They are an Oeko Tex Certified factory in Vietnam.
We have worked closely with Thai Son who has experienced with polyester fiber manufacturer in saigon. Thai Son is highly specialized in producing fashionable garments from knit fabric that have difficult embellishements like stones, applique and embroidery. Thai Son is proud to be one of the family-owned garment supplies who have been surviving and developing for the past 22 years as a fabric manufacturer with Oeko Tex Certificate in Viet Nam.

Currently, Thai Son has two production facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and employ 500 people. Thai Son has been producing knit wear garments for export customers for more than 22 years and knows how to take care of their customers to get repeat orders. Need polyester fiber manufacturer in saigon?We can help you find them.

If you are looking for a polyester fiber manufacturer in saigon? If yes, then contact us, we try to help you to find the best Polyester fiber manufacturer in Saigon.

Bamboo Fiber Supplier in Vietnam

If there is any bamboo fiber being produced in Vietnam we don't know about it. Most of the bamboo fiber is being produced in China. Thai Son S.P buys bamboo fiber from suppliers in China and then mixes it with Spandex or Viscose to get the hand feel and properties you need.

These exotic fabric blends are expensive and require expertise to knit and dye. If you are prepared to pay top dollar then go for it. Otherwise, we recommend sticking with basic blends like cotton spandex and cotton viscose or TC and CVC. We will try our best to get what you need.
Thai Son S.P Knitwear Manufacturing

Natural Fibers Supplier in Vietnam

Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber

Highly sweat absorbent
Powerfully insulating
One of the softest fabrics on the planet
Naturally UV protectant
Hypoallergenic – natural Bamboo does not cause allergic reactions
Bamboo is 100% biodegradable

There is a debate as to wether bamboo production is environmentally sound. What is your opinion?

Other Natural Fibers that are Available

Cotton Yarn in Vietnam
Coconut Fiber in Vietnam
Silk Clothing in Vietnam

Sourcing Bamboo in Vietnam

News: India’s first GOTS Conference

I get many inquiries from buyers wanting to produce garments in Vietnam using organic cotton. The topic of organic cotton is as nebulous as understanding the KGB. If you are really serious about organic cotton then learning about GOTS is essential; going to the GOTS conference in India would be or would have been a good start.

India’s first Global Textile Standard (GOTS) international conference was held successfully on 22nd May 2015 in Mumbai, India. It was attended by more than 250 delegates from 12 countries including Brands & Retailers, Buying Agents, Manufacturers of Textiles and Additives (dyes, chemicals, enzymes), Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories, Trade Associations, NGOs, Academics, Media, Consultants, etc.
Ben in Berlin
What is GOTS and why is it important? “The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.” http://www.global-standard.org/the-standard.html
It is important because if you have a t-shirt in hand that is marketed as “organic cotton” then how can you know for sure? You are paying a premium price for organic cotton but what if – in fact – it’s GMO cotton. Would you be upset just by the thought that the seller is tricking you? Do you trust Indian or Chinese suppliers to be good on their word when they tell you that the cotton and all the processing the cotton went through was natural? As someone who works for a garment manufacturer and buys 2 - 40ft containers of cotton from India a month I would not trust a document that says “Yes, it’s organically certified.” That is where GOTS comes in. It’s an institution that is supposed to be trust worthy that generates reliable documents that tell us, “Yes, this cotton fabric is organic.”

Do I know any reliable suppliers of organic cotton in Vietnam. No. We turn down inquiries for organic cotton because we have to buy it through agents or from spinners in India or China who we don’t trust. One source that I do trust is in Berlin Germany. His name is Benjamin. His website is: http://www.lebenskleidung.com.

Textile in Vietnam

Vietnam is still perfecting the art of knitting and dyeing. There are many good fabric suppliers in Vietnam but the skill level and pricing is not competitive with China - yet. For basic natural and synthetic fabrics, Vietnam can supply at reasonable prices but you need a team to QC each step in the knitting and dyeing fabric supplier factories.

Thai Son S.P sewing factory recognized this weakness and started sourcing yarns at the best price possible. Then they developed relationships with local knitters that offer cheap knitting costs and found reliable Vietnamese dye houses. This is how they offer textile made in Vietnam affordably. Email us the specifications of the fabric you need and our merchandising team will confirm they can make it in Vietnam or find a source in South East Asia.
Textile Company in Vietnam

Textiles in Viet Nam Offered by Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory

1. Single Jersey 100%Cotton
Yarns Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 110gsm to 220gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

2. Interlock 100%Cotton
Yarns Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 180gsm to 260gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

3. Rib 1x1 100%Cotton
Yarns Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 180gsm to 260gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

4. Single Jersey Cotton/ Elastane (spandex)
Yarns count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 300gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

5. French Terry Cotton/ Elastane (spandex)
Yarns count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 190gsm to 300gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes
6. Single Jersey 60%Cotton 40%Polyester
Yarn count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

7. French Terry 60%Cotton 40%Polyester
Yarn count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 200gsm to 300gsm

8. Single Jersey 60%Polyester 40% Cotton
Yarn Count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 300gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

9. French Terry 60%Polyester 40% Cotton
Yarn Count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 190gsm to 300gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

10. Single Jersey 100%Viscose
Yarn Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 200gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

11. Single Jersey Viscose/Elastane
Yarn Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 280gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

12. HOT TR Polyester/ Rayon
Yarn count 20s to 40s
Weight range 140gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes
Single Jersey Polyester/ Rayon/ Elastane
Yarn count 20s to 40s
Weight range 140gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

13. Single Jersey 100%Polyester (PE)
Yarn count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

14. Single Jersey 100%Cotton Slub
Yarn Count 20s to 40s
Weight Range 140gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes
15. Pique 100%Cotton
Yarn Count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 160gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

16. Pique TC 65%Polyester35%Cotton
Yarn Count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 160gsm to 240gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes

17. French Terry 65%Polyester35%Cotton
Yarn Count 10s to 40s
Weight Range 200gsm to 280gsm
Solid and yarn dye stripes
Textile in Vietnam

Official Vietnam Minimum Wage in 2015

Official Minimum wage in Vietnam
Vietnamese minimum wage is set up by region.

Region I: 3,100,000 VND ( 142 USD/month)
Urban Ha Noi
Urban Hai Phong
Urban Ho Chi Minh city
Dong Nai
Binh Duong
Vung Tau

Region II: 2,750,000 VND (126 USD/month)
Rural Ha Noi
Rural Hai Phong
Da Nang
Da Lat
Nha Trang
Rural Districts of Hung Yen Province
Rural Districts of Vinh Phuc Province

Region III: 2,400,000 VND ( 110 USD/month)
See list in Decree No. 182/2013/ND-CP

Region IV: 2,150,000 VND (98 USD/month)
See list in Decree No. 182/2013/ND-CP

To have a better understanding of these numbers it is important to know the cost of living in Vietnam.
A Vietnamese coffee costs 8,000 VND (0.37 USD)
Hair cut is 40,000 VND (1.8 USD)
Bus ticket is 6,000 VND (0.25 USD)
Bowl of Pho 28,000 VND (1.3 USD)
Rent a room 1,500,000 VND (not shared) (69 USD)

Thai Son S.P average salary is 5,300,000 VND (246.5 USD)/month. We pay above minimum wage because we have to in order to encourage workers to continue working in our factory.

Overtime is very important to Vietnamese workers. If a factory does not offer overtime then workers will quit and find a factory that does. Why, their goal is to make as much money as possible. This is contrary to what most westerners believe and gives you an insight to the workers values. The more work the better.

Where is the best textile fair in Vietnam?

I get asked this question a lot, “What are the best textile fairs in Vietnam?” Simple answer is: there is none. If you want to meet garment manufacturers, there is none.

What does exist is the VTG Expo. This event is a 2 in 1 event. Vietnam and Textile Garment expo and Vietnam Fabric and Garment Accessories expo. They happen at the same time in the same venue: The Tan Binh exhibition center is 10 minutes from the Ton Son Nhat Airport and 20 minutes from Sheraton hotel in district 1. These are the main textile fairs in Vietnam.

VTG is full of equipment and fabric suppliers from Korea, Taiwan and China who want to sell their sewing machines, automatic cutting machines or show their latest collections of trim and accessories or fabrics.
If you need a fast introduction to many sewing factories then I recommend you contact two associations: VITAS and VINATEX. They have directories that list their members that include spinning, knitting, dyeing and sewing factories.

Who We Are

This website belongs to
Thai Son S.P garment manufacturer based in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam.

Thai Son S.P is a family owned FOB garment manufacturer that has been in the producing garments for 22 years. They have two factories.

They produce textiles in Vietnam and convert to garments according to your designs.

They don't own the knitting and dyeing equipment. They own the sewing process.

What Thai Son Does

Thai Son S.P knits fabric, sources trim, sews your garments and delivers the finished goods to Saigon ports where your freight forwarding company picks up.

They follow your spec sheets and produce according to your designs. They offer one FOB price.

Thai Son buys yarn from India, imports it to Vietnam, lands it in the knitting house, knits, then sends the greige to the dye house before bringing the finished fabric to their sewing factory. This is how they do textile in Vietnam.

Styles We Do Well

Their strength is men, women and children knitwear garments that have embellishments like embroidery, prints, appliqué, sequins or stones.

Any style using circular knit fabric like jersey, interlock, pique, ponte, rib, jacquard or waffle fabric. Whether it is a basic tee or complicated engineer striped dress, then can convert.

Their price is competitive because they produce textile in Vietnam themselves.

How about you?

Are you sourcing textile in Vietnam?

Thai Son S.P does not sell fabric. They produce fabric and convert into garments for you.

If you have any further questions, contact us below with your inquiry.

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