Thermal Underwear Manufacturer in Vietnam

Hi, I built this webpage to promote Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory based in Ho Chi Minh City. They are a thermal underwear manufacturer based in Vietnam. I can introduce you to them and many other factories.

My name is Chris, I have been working in the Vietnam Garment Industry since 2008. My expertise is advising fashion start-ups and sourcing factories. If you have any questions about Vietnam garment manufacturing then contact me here. Are you looking for a thermal underwear manufacturer based in Vietnam?

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Thermal Underwear Manufacturer in Vietnam

What is thermal underwear?

Thermal underwear is a set of clothing, most often a long sleeve shirt and pair of long under-pants. They are sometimes called “long underwear” or even “long johns”. People wear them underneath the outer clothing in cold weather.

For maximum insulation, thermal underwear should be worn under other warm clothes that keep heat against the body instead of letting it escape into the air. On days where it is chilly but not extremely cold, a thermal shirt can be worn underneath a regular shirt, or even worn as a shirt by itself, since it is often cut and shaped like a normal shirt. Thermal clothing generally comes in neutral color as it is used as inner wear and not seen. In extreme cold, the outer layer should be wind and rain resistant so that thermal underwear can do their job of retaining heat.

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Hi, my name is Chris. I created this website to promote Thai Son and other factories in Vietnam. Imagine that you have an idea to produce surf shorts, wooden toys, metal car parts or frisbee backpacks. Would it be great to get inside the factory that can make it for you? Would you like to see the production steps? We can get you inside Vietnamese factories for a tour. Watch our introduction video, contact us and we can introduce you to factories like Thai Son.

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How does thermal underwear work?

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Thermal underwear works on the principle of insulation. The material used in these clothes basically adds a layer of insulation between the body and the garment. The material absorbs minimal amount of moisture from the body, allows quick drying and regulates airflow in the insulating layer that is formed. The material is closely knitted so that the thermal wear retains the warmth produced by the body.

Cotton does not offer the insulating properties when it becomes wet. But wool allows insulation even when it is wet. Also, wool is a naturally occurring fire retardant, and is hence advantageous over cotton.

What is the fabric used for thermal underwear?

Polyester is a typical and common synthetic fabric used in the manufacture of thermal clothing. Sometimes the polyester material is blended with spandex to give extra stretch and durability. The fabric has a knit structure that is small and very tight, allowing good thermal and breathable qualities.

At present time, thermal underwear made from 80% polyester and 20% viscose fiber is used extensively in the cold countries. Because it’s thermal property is excellent and the pricing is not too expensive.

Another popular material that is now widely used in thermal clothing is Merino wool. This fine wool variety is perfect for under garments as it is both comfortable and efficient in its thermal qualities. Besides, Merino wool also has a better moisture absorption property than polyester fabric. Therefore it is sometimes preferred to the polyester type materials.

How to choose thermal underwear?

When you buy thermal underwear, just try on a set underneath your clothing. Remember to test different movements to make sure the material will not bunch up, roll or otherwise cause discomfort after a long day of wear. Buying a slightly smaller size might help you reduce slipping and bunching, as well as make it easier to fit the underwear underneath your blue jeans and other woven outerwear. However, you should be careful when choosing a smaller size because some might shrink slightly after washing.