How to get started in Vietnam?

First decision point is will you produce your own styles or choose from a catalog provided by the factory? This is OEM vs ODM. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and you provide the design while the factory just produces. ODM stands for original design manufacturer and the factory provides designing and manufacturing. Vietnam is 99% OEM. China is good at ODM. Do you have your own designs? If yes, Vietnam is a good place to start sourcing production. If no, then I recommend China.

Second decision point is how will we start working together?

Option 1:

You provide me a tech pack. (Download Example)
You provide me a quantity breakdown list. (Download Example)
I get a price quote.
I get a sample for you.
Production starts.
I do quality control for you.
Your freight forwarding company ships to you.

This is simplified but basically that is how it works.

Option 2:

If you like to read and learn then I recommend my books for sale:

Vietnam Apparel Production eBooks

Option 3:

Let's meet on Skype or WhatsApp (Book Free Appointment Here)

Hire me for:
  1. Consulting ($50/hour)
  2. Factory Introductions by Email($100/factory)
  3. Factory Visits($500/day)
  4. Design/Development/Production($1,000/month,1 Style, 1 Color, 1,000 pieces)

I recommend we start with a one hour consultation.

I ask that you pay me in advance using Pay Pal ([email protected])

I use the attached worksheets to brainstorm with you and come up with an action plan.

You choose what we discuss or I will lead the conversation.

Fashion Start Up Process Worksheet

Fashion Start Up Decisions

Fashion start up budgeting



  • Home I can introduce you to factories that produce base layer garments in Vietnam. I have lived her 10 years and know many factories.
    • Merino Wool Are you sourcing a Merino wool underwear factory in Vietnam? I can take you to factories that produce quality base layer apparel.
    • Thermal Underwear Let me introduce you to the top thermal underwear manufacturers in Vietnam. They have flatlock machines and can source cotton, polyester and wool fabric.
    • Dye Sublimation Printing in Vietnam Do you need help sourcing dye sublimation in Vietnam? I have been following the development of sublimation printing in Vietnam for 10 years.
  • Sewing What sewing options in Vietnam will you find and how do they compare to China and India? Technical outerwear is Vietnam's strength.
  • Fabric Sourcing textile in Vietnam is difficult because 60% comes from China and local production is expensive.
  • Photos I will introduce you to socially compliant garment industry experts in Vietnam through the better works network.
  • Map I can help you find a striped long underwear manufacturer in Vietnam. They source fabric and trims. They offer one FOB price for export.
  • Sitemap Sitemap to my apparel sourcing guide in Vietnam website.
  • Contact Want to find a flat bed screen printing factory in Vietnam? I can introduce you to all over print factories in Saigon.

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